PV in the News

The former CEO of McDonald’s USA and Chairman of FAT Brands, appeared on Fox Business, speaking about ways for restaurants to become the champions of the hospitality industry for customers and employees. He shared how PureLine treats restaurants with ease overnight. 

PureLine offers PV, a portable, water-activated, ClO2 gas system that has the power to deodorize surfaces and facility air with unmatched effectiveness. PV creates pure chlorine dioxide gas on-site making it perfect for routine or emergency treatment. PV is inexpensive and can be scaled to the specifications of any facility to deliver an effective dosage.

For over 20 years, PureLine has offered Chlorine Dioxide solutions and has a strong presence within the Food & Beverage industry. This experience and the effectiveness of our products means that your restaurant can operate with confidence knowing it has been properly treated for your guests.

Lab-Tested Results and PV Advantages

PV has many documented advantages, all stemming from the primary ability of the PV gas to expand in the treatment area, oxidizing odors in the air and on surfaces.

  • Portable and easy to use
  • No large capital investment
  • Quickly destroys all odors
  • Treats invasive foul odors

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PV 50
PV 50