Healthcare Facility Disinfection

Disinfected Environments for Patients and Healthcare Staff

Maintaining a disinfected environment is a critical component of any healthcare facility. Healthcare facilities can be hotbeds for many microbial contaminants. Whether the contamination is air or surface born, it is paramount that facilities have controlled and sterile environments. Current cleaning methods can be expensive, time-consuming, and do not fully treat problem areas.

Perfect for routine or emergency cleaning, PureVista is a portable, water-activated disinfection system that has the power to clean surfaces and facility air with unmatched effectiveness. PureVista is inexpensive and can be scaled to the specifications of any facility to deliver an effective dosage. Most importantly, your facility can be disinfected for the safety and confidence for both your patients and staff.

PureLine Advantages

PureVista has many documented advantages, all stemming from the primary ability of the PureVista gas to oxidizing and destroying harmful microbials on a molecular level.

  • Portable and easy to use
  • No large capital investment
  • Quickly destroys all odors
  • Eliminates harmful microbials

Disinfect Your Clinic Today

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