What is PureVista? 

Also known as Chlorine Dioxide / ClO2

PureVista and Chlorine Dioxide

Often compared to a "bug-bomb" for indoor spaces, PureVista effectively eliminates foul-odors from physical spaces. Do you know for certain that every surface has been properly wiped or sprayed for your needs? Because PureVista is a chlorine dioxide  gas, the PureVista treatment effectively expands in the air to treat all exposed surfaces!  PureVista is not the only Chlorine Dioxide solution available on the market, but it is by far the easiest and most effective to use!

Reasons to Use PureVista

Simple to Use. Just Add Water.

Just add water to the canister (amount specified on the label) and leave the area while PureVista works to treat your space...it's that easy.

20 years of manufacturing excellence

Chlorine dioxide is registered with EPA (Registration No. 88228-2). It has passed the EPA’s guidelines for use as an odor eliminator.

Treats Your Environment

Chlorine dioxide technology protects the environment and human health from odor-causing bacteria and by-products.

EPA Approved 

Chlorine dioxide more broadly has been recognized by the EPA for many different uses. PureVista is an excellent odor and mold & mildew eliminator.


Chlorine Dioxide is excellent at removing odor-causing bacteria and harmful by-products.

Lab Tested / Proven Resuts

When executing services for Food Processors or large warehouses, PureLine collects culture samples via swabs both prior-to and post-treatment. These culture samples are sent to a 3rd party laboratory to identify culture counts and validate treatment effectiveness. Food Processors continue to choose PureLine for decontamination needs due to data-driven results validated by 3rd party labs!

Advantages of PureVista | Comparison of Methods 

Hand Wiping/Spraying

Dry Fog


  • Relies on wiping every surface, introducing human error for missed surfaces
  • Routine cleaning
  • Low cost of treatment
  • Entire treatment completed in minutes
  • Do it yourself (DIY) treatment
  • Minimal residue from spraying
  • Only cleans surfaces hit by the dry fog (similar to wiping)
  • Used for deep cleaning
  • High cost of treatment
  • Entire treatment completed in hours
  • Requires a team of certified professionals
  • Wet residue is left on treated surfaces, requiring post-treatment cleaning 
  • As a Gas it expands to touch every surface air touches
  • Low cost of treatment due to low labor requirement
  • Entire treatment completed within a few hours
  • Do it yourself (DIY) treatment
  • No residue left behind, and no post-treatment cleaning needed!
  • Inexpensive and Economical for routine cleaning
  • Easily scalable to any size area

Purevista in action

Watch this short video of activated PureVista deodorizing an empty room.

PureVista productS

PureVista 50

Canister contains 50g of chemical. Treats up to 250 cubic feet.

PureVista 25

Canister contains 25g of chemical. Treats up to 100 cubic feet.

PureVista 12.5

Canister contains 12g of chemical. Treats up to 50 cubic feet.

PureVista 2

Sold as a set of 5. Each contains 2g of chemical. Treats up to 10 cubic feet.

PureVista in Various Sizes

Deodorize based on your cubic footage needs.

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